Estes Park, Colorado is rich in local and national history. Though Estes Park was named after Joel Estes, who settled here in 1859, there were humans here long before his discovery.

The first known people came here by way of the Bering Strait. The remains of the Clovis culture have been discovered in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The invention of the steamer automobiles occurred right here in the Estes Valley! Twins, F.O. & F.E. Stanley co-invented this convenience. They also started the first shuttle system to Estes Park by creating the “mountain bus” to bring people to Estes Park for their summer vacation.

Staying with Black Canyon Inn, you get the joy of overlooking a magnificent cattle ranch. MacGregor Ranch keeps the Estes’, “cow town”, tradition alive with their historical working ranch and museum. With keeping the way of the west alive, Estes Park is home to their own professional sport-Rodeo!

The Rooftop Rodeo is a four time PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) Small Rodeo of the Year recipient. Keep history alive with your visit to our museums and support of our local rodeo.

Enos Mills Cabin Museum & Gallery-Hwy. 7 going to Allenspark (seasonal only)

Estes Park Area Historical Museum-Hwy. 36 going to Lyons/Denver - Phone: 970.586.6256

MacGregor Ranch Museum-1/2 mile from the Black Canyon Inn (seasonal only)