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Rooftop Rodeo

"Rodeo with Altitude"

 Purse, rigging, piggin’ string, hooey, rank all have one thing in common-RODEO!  That’s right, one of America’s homegrown sports.  It actually began as a way of life for Spanish ranchers and their vaquerosPRCA Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park, Colorado (ranch hands) in the Southwest of the U.S.

Everyday ranching required roping cattle to brand or to ride a wild horse to “break”.  Once this horse had been broke, it was able to be a trusted form of transportation and a great partner in ranching.  These hard working fellows needed some time away from their work…they chose to have little competitions among neighboring ranches. 

It is believed that Deer Trail, Colorado held the first rodeo on July 4th of 1869.  With this belief, the Colorado House Joint Resolution No. 1025 in 1969 concurred with the Senate and House of Representatives that Deer Trail is “Home of the World’s First Rodeo”.

Deer Trail isn’t the only town in Colorado to host rodeos.  Our small town of Estes Park has a long history dating back to 1908.  This 4th of July event hosted bronco riding, horse races and other events to celebrate the holiday.

These events occurred for several years until the name of Rooftop Roundup was applied in 1941.  This is also when the first Rooftop Queen had been chosen by the hollers of the audience at the famous Riverside Ballroom. 

Through the years the sport of rodeo advanced from little ranch competitions to an organized sporting event.  The first organization was formed in 1929 and was called Rodeo Association of America (RAA).  As this sport grew in popularity it was reorganized in 1975 as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

In 1947, the Rooftop Roundup changed to Rooftop Rodeo and this annual event has never looked back.  The committee members and royalty work year round to promote and improve this award winning PRCA rodeo.  That’s right-Estes Park, CO is home to a professional sport! 

Without the help from the town of Estes Park and all sponsors, it truly wouldn’t be possible to keep growing and changing with the times.    Black Canyon Inn was a proud sponsor of the 2009 Rooftop Rodeo Queen, Ashley Murray.

Ashley and her Lady-in-Waiting, Marley Mardock, spent time throughout the year promoting the Rooftop Rodeo as well as the great economical vacation town of Estes Park, Colorado.

As the 2011 Rooftop Rodeo President, Howell Wright, would say; "Keep the wind to your back and a smile on your face".



Come to the five time award winning PRCA Small Outdoor Rodeo of the Year, July 12-17, 2011!
For more information, visit Rooftop Rodeo.

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