Wildlife Watching

Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular activities in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Throughout the year you can see many types of animals. Unfortunately, they aren’t just in one location and do have regular migrating patterns.

If you are looking at the right moment, you may see a bobcat, bear, fox, weasel or even a mountain lion. These animals are elusive and quick. They typically don’t linger long.

In the fall, the elk are bugling and large herds can be seen gathering in open fields and amongst the golden aspens. In the spring you may sneak a peek at their babies. The majestic animals are usually the most popular to spot and view. You may see some mule deer spread around the country side as well.

The big horn sheep can be spotted down Hwy. 34, Fall River Rd. or even in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

As for smaller critters, you will see many ground squirrels, abert squirrels, marmots and many birds such as humming birds.

Get them camera’s poised and be a quick shutter bug!

Wildlife Viewing: Throughout the Estes Valley & RMNP
DO NOT approach the animals-they are wild!!!