Mountain Climbing

How adventurous are you? Do you stand on the ledge and look down or are you standing back and looking out? Mountain climbing is a sport you can do at any level!

The local Estes Park Mountain Shop has a fantastic crew to get you settled into your newest adventure. If you are a beginner and a bit leery, try their indoor climbing wall. For a nominal fee, you’ll have over 4,500 square feet of climbing area, a bouldering wall, very thick padded flooring, harness, rope and shoes as well as belaying for you (a process of holding the rope and the climber in the event of a fall). If you are feeling confident about your skills, the Estes Park Mountain Shop can even be hired to take you out on a guided climb.

If you are an avid climber, you have probably been researching your trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are just beginning to plan, try The Climbers Guide by Bernard Gillett, Rocky Mountain National Park: Estes Park Valley. His guide begins with a popular choice for the climbing community that lies just across from Black Canyon Inn. Lumpy Ridge is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park and has prime areas for today’s climbing buffs.

Estes Park Mountain Shop

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