About Us

In 1927 the first structure, a small log guest house, was built. This original cabin is available for rent as the Columbine Cabin. In 1929, Charles Chapman built the beautiful log structure at the center of the property, as a home for the Wayne Stacey family. This second structure now houses the Twin Owls Steakhouse. Both structures were built out of rough cut logs from the nearby forest and stand on natural foundations of moss covered stones.

In 1965 Dr. Curry Meyers bought the ranch and started to develop it as the Meyers 3M Guest Ranch. At this time he remodeled the interior of the main building to make it a restaurant. He also built a two story lodge building to the north of the restaurant as his home. This building was replaced in 2014 by a new building that houses four condos and a multi-purpose event space.

At the time Curry Meyers took over, he was certainly very busy for he also bought and moved guest cabins from the old Stead Ranch in Moraine Park at the time the Rocky Mountain National Park took over this area.

The 3M Guest Ranch name did not last long. Bill Meyers, a friend of Curry Meyers, suggested that it be named the Black Canyon Inn for its location and views of the Black Canyon, over MacGregor Ranch, in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Since that time there have been several other owners, notably Don and Ev Leonard.

Today, Black Canyon Inn is under the ownership of Mr. Jim Sloan, and managed by his daughter, Breeyan Sloan. Since his purchase of this property in 1992, all of the older guest cabins have been replaced by the current 6 lodge buildings. These building house the 27 vacation rentals available for guests' and owners' use. The development of the property has been done with respect to the natural and original placement of trees, boulders and wildlife. The property maintains the secluded and inviting atmosphere that drew the Stacy family here years ago.

The covered Pavilion held it's first official wedding on July 1, 2009 and has proved to be a delightful addition. We host 120 weddings each year on average and few can say no to the view that we have of the Lumpy Ridge from the beautiful Pavilion. With the addition of the Sloan's Creek Event Space, the property really has everything you need for a beautiful gathering and event!

One of Estes Parks's finest restaurants, the Twin Owls Steakhouse, which is leased and managed by Sandra Huerta and Thad Eggen, is a must on your next visit to Estes Park. The restaurant is known for its Colorado casual atmosphere and delicious choices in entrees. They can also coordinate your upcoming reception as well as any special event or dinner party. They may be reached at 970.586.9344.

At this time the Black Canyon Inn, lodging, and the Twin Owls Steakhouse, restaurant, are two separate entities. If you wish to inquire on any of the services, please contact them individually.